Pandemic life has brought young families together, perhaps closer than we would like.

After years of staying home to raise three kids now aged 12, 10 and 5, I picked up a few sly moves, proven and refined over time.

Below are a few of my secret ninja moves in case these help you survive parenting in 2021.

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Gum, the magic elixir

1. Carry gum

Gum is magical — a cure all. I found its potent powers when my second child, aged 3 at the time, would scream and wail that her socks didn’t fit quite right. …

This fall, with remote learning giving us the freedom to travel, we decided to visit my family in Dallas — a chance to reconnect and talk politics.

Isn’t talking politics around the dinner table taboo? ’Tis true. But the 2020 summer of protest taught me that listening to others is a step towards helping us overcome our collective rage.

Having ensconced myself for twelve years in San Francisco — whose politics are left and further left — I sought to listen to conservatives. While I know Texans’ views are not monolithic, several conservative family and friends do live in the…

On a Thursday in late January 2019, I escaped for a burger and beer. Papi texted as the bartender handed me a pint of Steam. Abuela likely had a few days to live. Cheers!

His text suggested it wasn’t necessary to fly home. Anna my wife knew differently. My dad would soon lose his last parent. She urged I fly home to be with him.

Around midnight the next day I arrived in Dallas. Vic my brother who had already arrived and visited Abuela met me at the airport alongside Papi y Mami.

We planned to spend time by her…

It is 3p on a steamy Puerto Rican afternoon. Sweat drips. My güayavera sticks. We’ve traveled from San Francisco to a small chapel on Calle Loiza. Inside, we celebrate my late grandmother’s legacy. Crying eyes turn to my young children as they approach the podium to speak. Confidently, they each recite Spanish hymns.

As family and friends embrace my dad after the service, they say to him, “And your grandchildren… and their beautiful Spanish?!” He beams with pride at his mother’s funeral.

My English-speaking wife and I have raised 3 bilingual children while living here in the States. We prioritized…

Why can a child who sits for hours watching videos only last 2-minutes on Zoom? The question gnawed at me as I planned my daughter’s virtual 5th birthday party.

Memories from my fifth birthday count as early remembrances. As she counted down the days, my anxiety grew. How would I plan a memorable virtual celebration on Zoom?!

The call — like the videos that captivate her — would have to entertain.

Considering a 4-year old’s shorter attention span, I decided to host a series of short interactive games. …

Jorge Robert

San Francisco stay-at-home dad of 3 writing the next chapter

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